I'm Ashley

Mom of 3 and lifelong crafter.

It's safe to say I was hooked. I immediately started in on another hoop and then another. Soon, I was making hoops as gifts and talking to anyone who would listen about embroidery. I began to realize that embroidery was perfect fit for my crafty business dreams.

I started by making my Beginner's Guide to Hand Embroidery and Stitch Library. The Beginner's Guide contains step by step instructions, complete with pictures, for all the basics. It covers supplies, how to step up your hoop, how to trace patterns, how to thread a needle, tie knots, and finish your hoop. The Stitch Library contains step by step instructions, with pictures for 14 common stitches found in my patterns. Every pattern and kit I make comes with both guides, and specific instructions for that design. I want everyone to feel like they have the information they need to make a beautiful embroidery.  

I love making embroidery kits and patterns, and sharing them with other moms. I am passionate about giving moms a way to create and relax without spending too much time or money. I want to share the deep connection I feel to my mom, aunt, and grandma while I stitch. Embroidery has such a beautiful way of connecting us to those who came before. 

I have always been a crafter. Growing up my Mom and Grandma taught me to sew, make paper crafts, stitch and crochet. I loved all of it. I continued learning to make things in college where I studied art and majored in graphic design. Along the way I always dreamed of having a business making something crafty. 

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my third baby that I came across embroidery again. I remembered working on a cross stitch or embroidery project as a tween but hadn't stitched anything in years. After a trip to the craft store, I had a hoop, floss, scrap fabric, and a plan. My very first project was an Easter Bunny sampler. I picked all the bright spring colors that made me smile, and used as many stitches as I could find on Pinterest or YouTube. 


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